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Giving Hope is a non-profit that serves the communities of Lake and Porter counties, offering assistance with various necessities for families and individuals who struggle with financial insecurity. As an organization, we recognize that every situation is as unique as the persons involved. Therefore, our model is not geared toward one size fits all, but generally involves some combination of the following:

Financial – we provide budget, meal, and general planning, including a goal setting approach to finances that focuses on building financial security in the long term while also offering immediate solutions for urgent needs.

Transportation – we offer fuel cards, maintenance vouchers, rideshare vouchers, and assistance with navigating BMV, car buying, financing, and retention. Insurance applications, maintenance schedules, and basic maintenance training available as well.

In addition, we offer LIMITED temporary vehicle lending on a case by case basis

Housing – we offer assistance navigating housing processes throughout the state and limited emergency funds.

Employment – we offer support navigating employment sites, application support, resume building, technology training, and other helps for finding and keeping jobs that offer living wages

Food, utilities, clothing – we offer support navigating myriad organizations that assist with these, while also providing limited temporary assistance in the form of gift cards, one-time emergency payments, and guidance on cost effective purchases

Disabilities – we offer support finding and applying for resources including accessibility, job-training, mobility, and education.

Health and Welfare – we assist with navigating mental and physical health support services including finding, applying for, contacting, and funding insurance, providers, hospitals, and therapists

Our organization is LGBTQIA+ inclusive, welcoming of all abilities, and committed to helping anyone and everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. We believe that every human has value, and while our executive director is a pastor, we are not affiliated with any religious organization specifically. Our goal is to offer support and assistance to humans – whoever they are, wherever they find themselves, and in whatever creative ways we can collaborate to give hope.

To learn more about receiving assistance or partnering with Giving Hope, please contact us at info@giving-hope.org. or fill out the following form to find out how to get involved with our organizations efforts or to request support.

Want to find out More?

Drop a note here and we will respond in 24-48 hours. If you are experiencing a transportation or housing urgent need, please email pastorjen.naz@gmail.com for immediate support.

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